About Us

Located in, New York, Doug has been finding and offering deals for almost 30 years now and first started selling back in 1990 by offering a few items for sale at a local flea-market. When the internet was first born Doug was right there and seen the great opportunity to offer his discounted items to a larger crowd. Along came, Yahoo Auctions, and he was selling on Yahoo until they closed their auction site back in 2007, as he figured they could not compete with eBay, so Doug moved his sales over to eBay, and did even better for the next 15yrs but when eBay started charging outlandish fees for Everything and he was having issues more often then not, he slowly closed his eBay store and moved it over to the more stable, more reasonable and more up-front with selling fees, site... Amazon, where he has held a near 100% customer rating and is still selling and growing his Amazon business and sales are very strong, stronger then ever before... But he wanted to offer his customers more, more items and more savings, so DiscountDougs.com was born.

This has worked out very well for him and his customers as he does not need to pay a third wheel their cut of the sales and so he passes these great savings on to his many customers that have been happy to have found him.